Concept Kitchens to Reality
We Take Concepts and Make Them Reality.

Our custom mechatronic assemblies consisting of blower fans, motorized latches, motorized valves, peristaltic pumps, and tension motors assemblies turn on your oven fan, operate your water softener, run the cooling blower in your freezer and do many more jobs in your kitchen and home.

Modern Technology and Electronics

We Design & Manufacture Mechatronic Solutions Used In Our Everyday Lives.

We design and manufacture electric motors and complex mechatronic engineering assemblies for businesses around the world. Our motors and assemblies power products in our everyday lives — from the security gate in your subdivision to the latch on your oven door. HTI's greatest strengths are our reasonable cost, technical expertise and the ability to supply the physical configuration and performance to match your needs. At HTI, we take concepts and make them reality.