Home Appliances

home appliances containing motors

Our motors and assemblies turn on your oven fan, latch the oven door during the cleaning cycle, control the flow of gas on your stove, run a cooling blower in your refrigerator or freezer, operate your water softener at your sink and can be used to control the mechanical operation of many jobs in your kitchen and around your home.

HTI Products for Appliances

Many of our motors, such as these used to lock your oven during the cleaning cycle, come fully assembled, ready to be installed in the oven as it goes down the assembly line.

gas stove valve motor

Our motor in the gas valve moves a bearing that turns the gas to your stove on and off.

shaded pole motor

The shaded pole motor runs the convection fan in your oven.

synchronous gear for home appliances

The synchronous gear motor, for example, has many applications; this one is used to power an oven latch.