Plunger Pump

HTI Plunger Pumps utilize reciprocating action of a plunger inside a cylinder. The pumping chamber is connected to the inlet and outlet ports by means of a combined umbrella valve/duckbill valve component, which allows fluid flow in only one direction. The complete operating cycle has a suction phase, which allows the fluid to enter the chamber, and the delivery phase, which pushes the fluid through the outlet port. Plunger Pumps are used primarily to move fluids or compress gases in a given application. These pumps can be designed to utilize either AC or DC power and are custom-engineered designs tailored to meet customer specifications. HTI Pumps are adaptable with most pump controllers, which will enable the customer to calibrate the pump performance to optimal standards and efficiency. HTI has in-house injection molding capabilities where we can custom manufacture the pump housings and other accessory components to match customer design requirements.

⦁ AC or DC powered
⦁ Consistent Fluid Control (Custom Flow Rates - 20-100ml/min)
⦁ Can operate over a wide pressure range
⦁ Custom injection molding capabilities

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